We also offer sealer/primer services to protect your metal surfaces until ready for the next step in your restoration process.

Protective Coatings

Especially designed for historical structures, statues, antiques, and furniture. This process removes varnish, paint, lime scale, graffiti, and dirt and grime from any surface including glass.

Low Pressure Blasting

For larger blasting jobs, we can take quantities by the pallet load or mounted to flatbed trailers.

Industrial Surface Preparation

We specialize in gently removing paint and rust from vehicle body panels and parts without damage or warpage. Our process also leaves a direct to primer surface profile.

Classic Car Sheet Metal

The best process that provides a bright, clean surface for aluminum intakes, carburetors, throttle bodies, cylinder heads, and other engine parts.

Vapor [Wet] Blasting

An alternative to sandblasting, it is a fast, affordable, and a safe way to strip paint, bondo/body filler, grime, powder coating, rust, and mil-scale from any metal surface.

Media Blasting



The blasting process to blast vehicle components requires a different approach than what is used in typical sandblasting work. As a specialized blasting shop, our rate is $130/hour with a $30 minimum and each job is based on the time to complete the job.

Sample pricing (May vary by depending on your specific project):


A 3.5% transaction fee will be added to payments using a card.

Priming services are additional labor plus cost of materials above the cost of blasting

Car front fender, door, or hood - $60 to $75 each

Pickup, single cab - $350 to $425

Wheels - $30 to $45 each

Car body (i.e. '69 Camaro), firewall back, inside/outside, underside, and front clip - $1300 to $1600


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